The Golan Heights


The Famous
Fallen Tree.

I met Almog at the perfect time, without a doubt. How could it have been any other way? His posts on his Instagram channel already went beyond the surface and blossomed in their very essence.
     When I attended his workshop, "Weightlessness," in Berlin, it became evident that life always arranges things perfectly. Almog possesses the gift of creating a space where everything that is not your true self falls away, allowing the beauty of your existence to be seen and experienced effortlessly.
     His teachings and his overall presence revolve around the present moment. During the two-day workshop, I was able to guide myself back home. Whether with eyes closed or open, I discovered the fruits of life by wholeheartedly trusting and surrendering to what is.

“It is time

Time for what?

For you. To listen to your heart and follow its lead.

To no longer allow fears and doubts to shape your life.

Consequently, it is time to end the following of foreign protocols.

Your light has been dimmed for long enough. Many bright models have tried to help you capture who you are, and all failed.

Apparently, you are not here to be captured.

You can end the everlasting journey of asking, and arrive home, in a place of no compromise.

Where your light shines brighter than the sun, and no one is blinded. Where your natural glow flows like a river to a fall.

You are here to be unreservedly yourself.
It is time for that.”

Almog, March 2023

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