This site shows a compilation of interviews with various individuals I encountered during my research project. 
    The beauty of these films became apparent to me in the present tense: during the moments we conducted the interviews, it wasn´t about the result anymore but more about what is.



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The first time I met Anaïs was at her movement gathering in 2022, amidst the stunning landscape of Alentejo, Portugal. The event was called "Open Heart Dance," and there couldn't be a more fitting name for it.
     I still carry the essence of that fluent energy within me. The memory of heating up the room, accompanied by uplifting music, and experiencing pure ease and boundless joy. This was my heart taking the lead. And my body instinctively knew every little and significant movement, seamlessly flowing with the rhythm of my existence, without a single doubt.
     When we met this year for the interview, that same energy was present. There was a moment of tranquility, where silence enveloped us, and a sense of peace prevailed. It felt as if our hearts connected in that openness.

"Now, I would like to dance with you," she said.

São Luís