Herkules Straße

Herkules Straße

Documentary about
a microcosmos

    Self Optimization as a religion - how routined movement, pedantic structure and idealised reflexion is becoming the sense of being. From a observational perspective the film ´Hercules Road` shows the daily workout of a bodybuilder. The viewer is entering a microcosm where people perform a fixed plan of their lifes: Fighting against resistance to built a strong appearance. 

Private project


Creative Direction, Filmmaker, Editor

Premiere Pro, After Effect

To gain a profound understanding of Dima's world, I devoted over six months to training with him in the studio. Sometimes, I simply brought the camera along, concentrating on capturing specific aspects of the studio environment. This approach fostered trust, transforming the camera from an intrusive observer into a more natural presence.

I had the privilege of getting to know some unique and brilliant individuals. In the culmination of this journey, I conducted interviews and transcribed them, presenting the conversations in a magazine format.